western maritime surveyors
western maritime serveyors


The various types of surveys that Western Maritime undertake are as follows:

Pre-Purchase Surveys

If you are considering the purchase of a marine vessel, you'll want to obtain as much information as possible about its condition prior to closing the deal. Is the boat structurally sound and safe? Is the machinery and equipment on board in good working condition? Is the boat good value for the money? Our Pre-Purchase Surveys are thorough inspections covering structural integrity, safety, condition of machinery and equipment as well as overall maintenance and appearance. WMS will also perform electronic testing, moisture assessment and thermal imaging if required. Deck Core Moisture Analysis, an important procedure for fiberglass boats, is used to determine the degree of moisture penetration and migration into fiberglass deck sandwich cores. Outside lab analysis will determine wear patterns and confirm the presence of glycol and water in diesel and gasoline engine lubricants. This inspection is strongly advised when purchasing any new or used vessel.

Finance, Re-finance or Insurance

Also referred to as an insurance survey or appraisal survey, a Detail and Valuation survey, (D&V) is a report on the current condition of a vessel and its equipment, and the current value of the vessel. It assures the insurance company or financial institution that the vessel meets ABYC safety standards, and that it is insured for enough to replace it if damaged or lost.

The scope of an Insurance Survey approaches a Pre-Purchase Survey, but its focus is on structural integrity and safety and it is less detailed. An assessment of the boat's Fair Market Value and Replacement Value is part of this type of survey.